Episode 383: 18 Steps to Exiting Your Business (Part 1)

Are you ready to sell your business? Here are the 18 steps you need to guarantee a smooth exit. 

On today’s episode, host Roland Frasier takes on business exit planning and the steps you need to take to exit your business the proper way. As Roland explains, every business owner will eventually exit their business. The ease of this exit and the amount of financial benefit the business owner will achieve will largely depend on how well they planned for the exit. Nonetheless, the key to a successful exit plan is focusing not only on the incoming business owner but also on the employees, customers, and investors. 

Listen in as Roland reveals the detailed exit process he developed after taking part in hundreds of public and private company exit deals. 


  • Business exit planning – the 18 steps for a successful transaction
  • How to prepare your business for an exit
  • Why you need to look at your company as a product
  • Profit centers and an effective strategy for thin slicing your company
  • Is it possible to exit and not pay any taxes?
  • Brand value transfer 
  • Benefits of winning awards as a business


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