Episode 430: Cocktails, Cannabis, and Change: A Conversation with Martha Stewart

In this episode, host Roland Frasier interviews Martha Stewart, the iconic entrepreneur, as they delve into her fascinating life and ventures. Martha shares amusing anecdotes, including a memorable story about Snoop’s visit to her farm. They discuss her approach to branding, from creating a new category of entertainment to her expansion into the CBD market. Martha also talks about her involvement with Canopy, a major cannabis company, and her passion for sustainable agriculture with App Harvest.

Martha emphasizes the importance of quality in cocktails, advising against skimping on the booze. She reveals her liquor of choice, Casa Dragones tequila, and teases a new wine release. The conversation touches on Martha’s recent soft launch of Martha.com, an online platform offering curated products. She shares her philosophy of “Need & Want” to guide product selection, promoting smart purchasing decisions and a clutter-free home.

Listeners gain insights into Martha’s belief in embracing change and continuously surprising others. She discusses her favorite Snoop story, her early media ownership, and the positive impact of supporting young entrepreneurs. The episode concludes with Martha’s commitment to providing comprehensive content without dumbing it down, her daily routine caring for her animals, and her unwavering dedication to her work.

Join Roland Frasier and the remarkable Martha Stewart in this engaging podcast episode as they explore her entrepreneurial journey, unique stories, and inspiring ventures in various industries.


  • [00:01:19] Roland Frasier welcomes Martha Stewart to a full house at the Traffic and Conversion Summit.
  • [00:06:02] Martha Stewart introduces her new online store, Martha.com, and her philosophy of “need” and “want” when selecting products.
  • [00:09:26] Martha recalls a memorable encounter with Snoop Dogg, where he unexpectedly visited her home with a group of friends and their children.
  • [00:13:57] Martha highlights her successful CBD gummies, which have become the number one gummies in America, and encourages listeners to try them.
  • [00:19:26] Roland Frasier highlights Martha Stewart’s ability to present traditional things in a new light, combating ad fatigue.
  • [00:26:30] She acquired all of her media from Time Warner, which marked the beginning of her independence and control over her brand.
  • [00:28:32] While climbing Kilimanjaro, Martha Stewart developed a business plan with a Harvard business graduate, laying the foundation for future ventures.
  • [00:34:28] Martha Stewart mentions the Martha Stewart Wine Company, available online and on QVC.
  • [00:38:15] Martha Stewart explains her approach to teaching and not dumbing things down, always seeking a better way without compromising quality.
  • [00:43:09] Martha Stewart highlights the importance of hiring the best people, mentioning successful entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg who have surrounded themselves with top talent to achieve their goals.
  • [00:46:36] Roland asks Martha about her current binge-watching habits, leading to a discussion about an old Ingmar Bergman series and Martha’s preference for the show “The Queen’s Gambit.”
  • [00:50:03] Martha expresses frustration with critics who misunderstand her efforts to do the right thing, highlighting the organic nature of her farm and the annoyance caused by uninformed comments on social media.
  • [00:50:03] Roland Frasier discusses her ability to understand success intuitively.
  • [00:51:55] Martha Stewart talks about dealing with negative comments and mentions her experience during her trial.
  • [00:54:33] Martha Stewart shares her excitement about her book, “Martha Stewart’s Fruit Desserts,” and mentions her favorite recipe from it.


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