Episode 439: Unmasking Ai: Deep Dives Into Its Impact

In this episode of the Business Lunch Podcast, hosts Roland Frasier and Ryan Deiss dive into the world of artificial intelligence. They address its impact in digital marketing, sales, personalized advertising, deep fakes, operational efficiency, and customer service.

 They explore the benefits and challenges of AI in each of these areas, discussing topics such as privacy, the human touch in sales, ethical considerations, job automation, and the balance between AI and genuine human interaction. 

As they engage in a thought-provoking conversation, they shed light on the potential of AI while acknowledging the need for responsible and ethical practices. 

At the end of the episode the  hosts reveal that the entire episode, including the conversation and voices, has been generated using advanced AI technologies. Showcasing the remarkable capabilities of AI in replicating human-like discussions.

Tune in to gain valuable insights into the evolving landscape of AI and its implications for various aspects of business!


Marketers aren’t mind readers. They’re just using data you’ve already put out there… But still, I believe the trade-off of data usage for customer experience will win the day in the heart of the average consumer.”

“AI can analyze data and adapt based on patterns. So in a way, it can read the room just not the same way you or I might.”

“The blend of technology and human touch is where the real magic happens.” 


  • 00:00: Introduction 
  • 01:35: Digital Marketing
  • 04:49: Ai In Sales
  • 06:53: Personal Connections
  • 09:29: Balancing Ai 
  • 11:21: New Technology/Risk Management
  • 14:21: The Future Of Ai
  • 17:08: The BIG Reveal 


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