Episode 461: Business Wealth Without Risk: Scaling & Growth

Join Roland Frasier and Jay Abraham in this exciting episode as they dive deep into the first chapter of their groundbreaking book. In this opening chapter, you’ll discover how to shatter your limitations and achieve exponential growth in your business.

Roland and Jay share powerful insights and real-life examples that will expand your thinking and challenge your beliefs about what’s possible. They discuss the concept of “moonshot thinking” and how it can propel you beyond your current boundaries, just like legendary athletes who pushed the limits of their abilities.

Learn how to go from incremental growth to astronomical success by adopting innovative strategies and methodologies that have been tested and proven. Discover the secrets to controlling your outcomes and achieving far more than you ever imagined.

This episode is a must-listen for entrepreneurs, business leaders, and anyone seeking to elevate their business to new heights. Get ready to think bigger, better, faster, and safer as you embark on a journey to unlock your full potential. Don’t miss this opportunity to join Roland and Jay on their mission to help you achieve your own moonshot goals. Tune in now and start thinking beyond the stars!

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“I think it’s just this awareness factor. Like there’s two steps, there’s one being the innovator, and then there’s two, being able to follow what the innovator has done, because now you see, it’s possible…”

“I think the most important thing that they should learn from both you and I but definitely in this chapter is that there’s nothing we are sharing that is theoretical.”

“There’s nothing we’re sharing that hasn’t been applied not just once, but over and over again.”


  • 00:00: Book Introduction
  • 01:49: Strategic Thinking
  • 05:36: Pushing Personal Limits
  • 07:24: Multiplying Wealth
  • 11:19: Creative Marketing Strategies


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