Episode 484: Building a Digital Marketing Empire: Matt Molenar Part 1

In this episode of the Business Lunch podcast, host Roland Frasier sits down with digital marketing expert Matt Molenar. 

They discuss Matt’s journey getting started in the industry and some pivotal moments that helped propel his career. Matt shares stories about winning early product launches through strategic domain purchasing and SEO. He also details how he helped scale businesses by creating value-added services for clients. 

Roland and Matt explore the power of networking and how intentionally seeking out mentors can open doors. 

They discuss strategies for building personal brands and content strategies that can scale easily. Business owners will walk away with tactical tips for domains, SEO, partnerships and more! 


“I would way rather have 5000 or 10,000 Really, really dedicated fans to like that really appreciate and follow what I do, then a million people that don’t really do anything, but were curious about one of the things I posted.”

“Now AI can be like me saying, ‘Hey, Matt, I know that you were thinking about investing in our program, and you were talking to Deanna, who’s our salesperson, I just want to let you know that I think for you and your son to come in, it’s going to be the best thing ever.” 

“I bumped into a group of people who I thought were really good. On the marketing side, there was a guy named Ryan Deiss, who had a company that was not yet Digital Marketer, I forget what it was called at the time. And he did a product with a guy named Mr. X. And it was all about AdWords. And I bought that and I was like these guys seemed like they know what they’re doing.” 


  • 00:00: Introduction 
  • 07:14: Digital Marketing Skills
  • 11:48: Affiliate Marketing 
  • 22:16: Facebook Videos 
  • 26:58: Content Creation
  • 37:26: AI Enhanced Marketing 


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