Episode 492: Family or Business? Time Management for Busy Entrepreneurs

Join us in this uplifting episode of Business Lunch, where we tackle the relatable challenge of balancing family life with entrepreneurial dreams. We debunk the myth that you have to choose between family and business, sharing smart tips and heartening stories. Dive into our discussion inspired by a Reddit post, and discover how you can manage both worlds with savvy time management and realistic goals. It’s a cozy and insightful chat that’s perfect for anyone trying to blend business success with family happiness. Don’t miss out on this engaging blend of advice and encouragement!


“You should expect a return on the investment of your time”

“I can do all the things I need to get done without having to sacrifice a family life”​

“I think looking at it as a black/white either/or is fairly immature. Yeah to me it reeks of scarcity but it also just reeks of bad math”​


  • 00:00 Introduction: Time and Entrepreneurship
  • 01:26 The Reddit Post: Family or Entrepreneurship
  • 03:20 Balancing Family and Entrepreneurship
  • 04:18 Difference Between Being an Entrepreneur and Being Self-Employed
  • 06:12 The Misconception of Choosing Between Family and Business
  • 07:10 Time Allocation for Family and Business
  • 09:04 Creating a Schedule for Family and Business
  • 10:33 The Importance of Time Blocking
  • 15:19 Macro and Micro Level Time Blocking
  • 21:35 Being Ridiculously Productive and Having Family Time
  • 23:33 Budgeting Time and Fighting Distractions
  • 24:00 Conclusion

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