Episode 491: Business Trends and Dry January

In this episode, we delve into the intriguing concept of Dry January, examining its multifaceted impact on personal habits and business dynamics. Our conversation navigates through the pitfalls of extreme behavior. We underscore the importance of balance, emphasizing how extreme stances can paradoxically foster overindulgence rather than nurturing a new, healthier identity.

From a business perspective, we shine a light on the unique opportunities Dry January presents, especially for the alcohol industry. It’s not just about riding out a dry spell; it’s about innovation and adaptability. We explore how businesses can creatively embrace this trend by offering enticing mocktails and appealing non-alcoholic alternatives, turning a potential setback into a showcase of versatility and customer inclusivity.


“I think that [overindulging before a period of abstinence] is really dangerous. It’s like I’m giving myself permission to make bad decisions today, because I’m going to make a sacrificial decision tomorrow.”

“When a future decision becomes a crutch or a reason to make bad decisions today, that’s when you’re not doing it for the right reasons.”

“When a trend like this comes out, you’ve got to ask yourself, is this trend kind of pulling people away from my business or is it pushing them towards?”


  • 00:00 Introduction and Personal Perspectives on Dry January
  • 04:12 The Dangers of Extreme Behavior and Future Decision Crutches
  • 06:06 Business Opportunities for Alcohol-Related Industries
  • 07:57 Networking and Marketing Opportunities Around Dry January
  • 09:49 Responding to Trends That Pull People Away from Your Business

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