Episode 490: Navigating 2024: Business Trends and Success Tactics

In this episode, we’re diving into the hottest business trends for 2024. We start with the rise of AI influencers and the big shift in social media: it’s all about quality over quantity now, thanks to new algorithms.

We also touch on the comeback of long-form content. Turns out, people want more than just quick fixes; they’re craving deep dives too. Plus, we discuss why internal services and holding companies are the smart moves for growing your business.

Lastly, we wrap up with a look at why showing you’ve got limited supply and offering sure-fire outcomes can really boost your sales. So, tune in for some great tips and insights on staying ahead in the business game this year!


“The consumer emotional cycles always lag. People are always way too optimistic for too long, and they’re way too pessimistic for too long.”

“Your goal for the next year should be to be missed when you’re not there.”

“You don’t want to have a personality brand, you want to have a brand that has a method or the brand itself.”


  • 00:00 The Rise of AI Influencers
  • 03:00 Algorithmic Changes in Social Media
  • 08:16 The Emergence of AI Influencers
  • 09:44 The Shift to Long-Form Content
  • 11:11 The Importance of Internal Services and Holding Companies
  • 14:08 Building a Great Team and Growth through Acquisition
  • 18:35 Signaling Limited Supply and Certainty of Outcome

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