Episode 495: Equity for All: Revolutionizing Business with Employee Ownership

Welcome to another engaging episode of the Business Lunch Podcast with your hosts Roland Frasier and Ryan Deiss! In this episode, we dive into the transformative world of employee equity in business. Join us as we explore the changing landscape of private equity and how empowering employees with ownership can lead to extraordinary outcomes.

From heartwarming stories of life-changing payouts to insightful discussions on the future of business acquisitions, this episode is a treasure trove of knowledge for entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts alike.


“I think if we said we’re done and just let the existing portfolio go, it would be easy breezy, but we’d get bored pretty quick. The fact that we have so many things… it’s hard to stop when you love what you do.”

“Most people believe that as an entrepreneur you do a few deals and then you don’t have to work anymore. But that’s not true, and frankly, it’s no fun either.”

“I’ve never seen giving equity to non-executive employees as anything but confusing and entitlement inducing. It didn’t drive growth or motivation. But when it works, like with KKR’s approach, it can be transformative.”


  • 00:00 Intro & Background
  • 04:47 Private Equity Case
  • 08:03 Equity in Acquisition
  • 10:29 Employee Equity Impact
  • 14:45 Equity Risks & Concerns
  • 16:37 Alternative Compensations
  • 19:02 Conclusion & Takeaways

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