Episode 507: Reignite Your Fire: Navigating Burnout and Rediscovering Your Passion

Welcome back to Business Lunch. Join us in this episode where we have a candid discussion about the realities of burnout in entrepreneurship. From identifying burnout to redirecting momentum and making tough decisions, we explore strategies for rekindling the flame of passion in your business endeavors. Plus, discover the power of taking a well-deserved break and reclaiming ownership of your professional journey.


“The only thing worse than being in a miserable situation is missing and pining away for the miserable situation.”

“If you’re burnt out on business, then I think you’re kind of done… burnout is out.” 

“Just that [decision to take control] is enough to allow us to fall in love again with our businesses and with our work when we make it clear to ourselves that we own these companies, these companies don’t own us.”


  • 00:28 – Dream Vacation
  • 02:20 – Workload Exhaustion Reflection
  • 04:47 – Work Intensity vs. Rest Balance
  • 07:34 – Tiredness vs. Burnout Differentiation
  • 10:00 – Passion and Role in Business
  • 13:16 – Business Momentum Redirection
  • 15:36 – Options: Pivot, Exit, or Delegate
  • 18:33 – Running Toward, Not Just Away
  • 20:56 – Empowering Personal Prioritization
  • 23:50 – Ownership and Passion Rediscovery


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