Episode 508: Navigating the Changing Landscape of C-Suite Roles

Welcome to a new episode of  Business Lunch, today we are discussing the evolving role of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) in Fortune 500 companies and beyond. From sharing stories of exquisite wine tasting to delving into the challenges facing modern marketing leaders, this conversation is both insightful and entertaining.


 “If you’re a CMO at a company right now and your primary concern is, you know, is every single campaign that leaves the company perfectly, quote unquote, on brand, you’re probably gonna get fired.”  

“Marketing, when it is done right, understands and owns the entirety of that customer journey… It’s divorced from revenue.”  

“The more that you will engage with that process, the more that your CEO will see that you’re the one who’s taking ownership of revenue.”


  • 01:49 – Exquisite Wine Tasting Experience
  • 06:27 – Evolution of C-Suite Roles: Marketing vs. Revenue
  • 10:47 – The Impact of AI on Marketing
  • 12:44 – The Role of CMOs in Small Companies
  • 15:34 – Advice for Medium-Sized Business Founders
  • 16:31 – Tips for Marketers: Getting Closer to Revenue
  • 18:25 – Marketing and Sales Alignment Strategies
  • 20:51 – Career Advice for Aspiring CMOs


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