Episode 51: Fifty Shades of Jay — Finding Value With Alternative Perspectives, with Jay Abraham

Intangible Value Is Often Greater than the Tangible

Jay Abraham is Americas highest paid marketing consultant. He worked with Entrepreneur Magazine and multiplied their revenue back when nobody knew what an entrepreneur was… In this conversation with Roland Frasier, these two great business minds discuss the deals made and wealth multiplied in Jay’s decades of doing business. He shares with us what he believes has been his biggest gifts in this life, and how non-linear, asymmetric, out of the box thinking has allowed him to see intangible values and potential for profit!

Listen today for:

• How he made (& saved) millions in arbitrage and cash flow to equity deals.

• The life long impact of his early mentors and benefactors.

• What he describes as his unique talent/gift in life.

• How his diverse experience and clientele gave him the framework he uses to help businesses become exponentially more profitable.

• The rigidity that causes many to miss profound profit and back end opportunity.

• Tips on Bartering and Trade.

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