Episode 50 – Chatbots: Get Started & Get Ahead with a Tested 6-Step Strategy for Conversational Marketing, with Natasha Takahashi

With the strategy we talk about today, Natasha helped us build a mini-campaign in our very own Business Lunch Bot. Check it out to see all this in action! Click here

Every month there are over 2 billion messages sent between people and businesses on Facebook Messenger, and over 500,000 facebook messenger bots are currently active.  In this short episode of Business Lunch, the founder of ‘School of Bots’, Natasha Takahashi, shares how you can best use the latest tool in Conversational Marketing.

Listen today for

  • The 6-Step Repeatable process for any type of business, regardless of the goal of the conversation.
  • What a Value Card is and where you place it in the bot conversation.
  • Why ‘my market is not on messenger’ is a limiting stance.
  • How to use this tool to double your list and build your 1000 best fans

Reach out to Natasha on LinkedIn or Visit School Of Bots

For a more detailed episode on Bot Marketing, check out our sister podcast (episode 199), Perpetual Traffic.  

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