Episode 49: It’s Easier To Accomplish The Impossible Than The Ordinary, with Ken Kragen

Harnessing The ‘Power of Threes’ To Get People To Take Action

Roland has a great conversation with the man behind “We are the World” and Manager of The Smothers Brothers, Lionel Richards, The Carpenters, and Kenny Rogers. Ken Kragan shares his story which is marked with success, as well as the failures that taught him more…

Listen for

  • ‘Backwards Thinking’ as a technique to get access to opportunity and the keys from the ‘GateKeepers’.
  • The principle of ‘Giving Cleverly’ with no expectation of getting anything back- and how it always pays dividends in one way or another.
  • Why he always calls straight into the top person (the president of a company) when he has to make a cold call. 
  • The reason he hid that he went to Harvard, until the moment when it benefited him to make that known.
  • How he always starts with honesty and a gut-judgment of whether someone has something so special that it offers an opportunity.

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