Episode 510: Turn Unexpected Expenses into Profits: Bitcoin Mining & Energy-Saving Hacks

Welcome to a new episode of Business Lunch! In today’s episode, Ryan Deiss and I discuss the innovative concept of using the heat generated from Bitcoin mining to heat spa pools, leading to significant cost savings. We discuss the entrepreneurial mindset of turning expenses into profits, sharing real-life examples from various industries and offering practical strategies for identifying and capitalizing on hidden opportunities within businesses. Join us as we delve into the creative realm of business optimization and uncover the potential for transforming seemingly mundane expenses into lucrative ventures.


“But if you’re going to do it, then why not at least have the byproduct of what you’re doing? Create value in another way.”

“The best arbitrage opportunities are combining two things that have been around but have not been combined in a unique way.”

“Entrepreneurship in its purest form is creative. Simply make a list of your top expenses and brainstorm ways to self-liquidate.”


  • 00:13- From Bitcoin Mining to Spa Heating
  • 02:05- Combining Traditional Elements Creatively
  • 03:53- Expense-to-Profit Transformations
  • 05:40- Recognizing Waste and Byproducts in Business Operations
  • 07:05- Learning from Big Companies’ Strategies
  • 10:00- Hidden Opportunities in Every Business
  • 11:22- Leveraging Existing Resources for Profit Generation
  • 15:00- The Power of Group Buys and Strategic Partnerships
  • 17:45- Ethical Considerations in Expense Transformation
  • 19:25- Encouragement to Explore Creative Entrepreneurship


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