Episode 511: Wealth, Work, and What Matters Most

Welcome to a new episode of Business Lunch! In this episode, Ryan Deiss and I delve into the intricate dance between pursuing success and nurturing personal life. As entrepreneurs, the quest for a meaningful legacy often leads us down a path of extremes. We talk about some insights on finding equilibrium amidst the chaos of business growth, family commitments, and personal health. Whether you’re scaling the heights of your career or seeking satisfaction in the simple things, this conversation offers valuable perspectives on prioritizing what truly counts.


“Be intentional about your seasons…that’s important.”

“As long as I’m remembered by the kids, I’m good. It’s such an ego thing to me.” 

3. “Being intentional about what you’re doing…you’re probably going to be okay.” 


  • 00:00 -Weather & Life’s Storms
  • 02:22 -The Legacy Question
  • 05:55 -Wealth vs. Health
  • 07:20 -Entrepreneurial Extremes
  • 09:05 -Life’s Balancing Act
  • 10:00 -Yearly Planning for Balance
  • 14:00 -Practical Balance Tips
  • 16:02 -Wealth’s Diminishing Returns
  • 18:08 -100 Million: A Turning Point?
  • 20:50 -Legacy’s Ephemeral Nature


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