Episode 529: Don’t Get Killed by the Hype – AI Gadgets Failing to Deliver

Welcome to a new episode of Business Lunch, Ryan Deiss and I dissect the recent hype surrounding two new AI-powered gadgets – the Humane AI pen and the Rabbit. Both products promised to revolutionize our lives with features like real-time feedback and enhanced productivity. However, reviews have been scathing, exposing the devices as clunky, unhelpful, and ultimately a letdown. We delve into the challenges of launching new hardware products in a crowded market and explore the dangers of overpromising and failing to deliver, highlighting how a great marketing campaign can backfire if the product itself isn’t exceptional.


“The people are not stupid long term, we’re all a little stupid short term from time to time.”

“It’s a game of replacement, not enhancement.”

“The better you are at marketing, the better your product better be.”


  • 00:54 – Introduction
  • 02:36 – Memorial Day
  • 05:26 – AI Devices and Hype
  • 07:17 – The Future of AI Gadgets
  • 12:24 – Apple Vision Goggles
  • 14:21 – Lessons Learned
  • 16:30 – Nobody Wants More Stuff
  • 17:32 – Rabbit Using Chat GPT
  • 23:10 – Marketing Lessons (and Mistakes)

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