Episode 528: How Personal Branding Is THE Game Changer for Your Business

Welcome to a new episode of Business Launch! Ryan Deiss and I explore the critical importance of personal branding. We share our experiences with launching Scalable. We discussed how the lack of a personal brand initially hindered our success and how consumers connect more with real people than faceless companies. Through engaging stories and practical tips, we explain how building a strong personal brand can enhance trust, foster loyalty, and drive business growth. 


“You’ve got to have a personal brand associated with any product or service that you’re launching.”

“The exact same message and the exact same offer dramatically outperformed once we added a personal touch.”

“Your personal brand is your ambassador to the world, telling your story and connecting with your audience.”


  • 03:15 – Launching Scalable Without a Personal Brand
  • 06:45 – Why Personal Branding is Essential
  • 09:30 – Lessons Learned from Scalable’s Journey
  • 12:00 – Building Trust and Connection
  • 14:15 – Strategies for Creating a Personal Brand
  • 16:30 – Overcoming Resistance to Personal Branding
  • 18:45 – Real People vs. Faceless Brands
  • 21:00 – Personal Branding Beyond Business Owners
  • 23:30 – Final Thoughts and Resources

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