Episode 539: Eric Worre’s $25 Million Studio: A Leap of Faith

Welcome to a new episode of Business Lunch! Today, Roland Frasier is joined by the renowned network marketing expert, Eric Worre. In this episode, Eric shares his incredible journey from starting in network marketing at 23 to becoming a successful entrepreneur, coach, and mentor. He discusses the rise of social media, the importance of building a personal brand, and the value of community in network marketing. Eric also reveals insights into his decision to build a $25 million studio and his plans for the future. Get ready for an inspiring conversation filled with valuable lessons for entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts alike.


“Network marketing can’t really be understood from the outside; it has to be experienced.”

“The gift of desperation is one of the greatest gifts you could have.”

“Whoever talks to the most people wins.”

“If you’re not making money and you have this [smartphone], it’s on you.”


  • Timestamps:
  • 00:00 – Introduction to Eric Worre and His Journey
  • 03:33 – The Impact of Social Media on Network Marketing
  • 08:00 – Building the Network Marketing Pro Brand
  • 12:00 – The Importance of Risk Tolerance in Business
  • 16:25 – Finding the Right Rooms for Growth
  • 20:50 – Utilizing Network Marketing as a Distribution Channel
  • 27:34 – Emotional Strength Required for Network Marketing
  • 31:26 – Developing a Personal Brand in Network Marketing
  • 36:32 – Building Community from Scratch
  • 38:28 – How to Connect with Eric Worre

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