Episode 55: Partnerships You Want, And Partnerships You Don’t, with Dustin Mathews

Speaker, Author and Chief Education Officer of WealthFit talks with Roland Frasier in this insightful episode. Dustin tells his story and they discuss the details of a series of partnerships, some good and some bad. He shares what Dustin looks for now in business arrangements, having learned some hard lessons.

Listen for

  • When it’s beneficial to partner instead of hire.
  • How to see partnership troubles before the damage is done.
  • What it means when you see a balance of NEGATIVE $888,88.88 in your bank account.
  • When it’s the best thing to take a financial loss for a bigger picture holistic gain.
  • What he gained from taking a few months off (but keeping business coach).
  • The thing that both Dustin’s business coach and wife told him to do (and they were both right.).

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