Episode 60: How to Scale And Step Out Of The Passion Business You’ve Built, with Allison Maslan

Scale or Fail

After running and selling ten companies, lifelong entrepreneur and author, Allison Maslan, began coaching businesses and helping them scale with her Elite Business Coaching Agency. In this episode, she sits with Roland and tells her story, while he draws out some great takeaways for entrepreneurs on their own journey.

Listen For

  • The core value (she gleaned from growing up in an Entrepreneur family) that still runs through her companies today.
  • Five questions to discuss with a potential new partner.
  • What her big wake-up-call helped her to see and change.
  • The thing she believes is the most important thing you can learn in business.
  • How to provide your clients with more value and take care of them while stepping back from your business.
  • Four questions to consider when you have an idea for your business or a passion you want to turn into a business.
  • The Five phases to build a team-managed company.

Mentioned in this episode, ‘Scale or Fail’ Book. 

Visit AllisonMaslan.com or go to PinnacleGlobalNetwork.com

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