Episode 63: How To Partner Like Brothers (Without It Ending In Fisticuffs), with Joe Fier

Roland Frasier is a huge fan of Partnerships and doesn’t own 100% of ANY of the businesses he owns, so he frequently hones in on the insight and partnership advice his guests can share with our listeners. We heard from Joe Fier (in depth) on episode 62, about Podcasting – but in this episode, Roland and Joe talk about his highly successful 12-year partnership with Matt Wolfe.

Joe & Matt founded Evergreen Profits and host the successful podcast, “The Hustle and Flowchart”. Learn how you can set up and sustain a partnership in which both parties can thrive and operate in their strengths… and PROFIT.

Listen For

  • Essential communication skills for partners looking for long term success.
  • Smart division of responsibility.
  • How hiring the right person (a strategic third party), can help resolve disagreements & propel you further.
  • The hiring resource that nailed it… and more!

“We look at each other as brothers… there are no fisticuffs but, yeah. Over time we learned that how we communicate with each other, matters SO dang much”. Joe Fier

Mentioned in this episode, GreatAssistant.com,  and a custom offer from Joe and Matt for OUR listeners, here

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