Episode 64: Raising Capital, Building Your Board and Why Your Why Is Everything, with Steven Cox

The Two Hats You Need To Wear To Succeed

Roland Frasier sits and talks with the Founder of TakeLessons.com, Steven Cox as he shares his fascinating (and sometimes perilous) entrepreneurial journey. Steven talks Two-Sided business and knows a thing or two about raising funds!

Listen For

• What drove Steven Cox to buy 8 houses by the time he was 19.

• A warning to remember after your first significant success.

• The unique challenge of the Two-Sided business. 

• How to stay motivated and excited when things aren’t going so great.

• How to put together a board and choose advisors.

• The Ideal candidate for a Technical Co-Founder.

• How to identify the right Investors to go after for your company.

• What your first job as CEO must be…

And more!

Visit TakeLessons.com/Live and StevenCox.com

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