Episode 72: How To Productize Your Knowledge Without The Guru Brand (No Rolex Needed), with Aaron Fletcher

The ‘Non-Shiny Objects’ That Successful Campaigns Get Right

Founder of The Fletcher Method®, Aaron Fletcher is an online marketing consultant, educator, speaker, and nationally published author. Aaron has become the “go-to” sales and marketing expert for start-ups and entrepreneurs including Nolo.com, Caring.com, and Jay Abraham.

In this conversation, Aaron shares what’s really working for him and his clients.  We also get into some critical questions to consider on your Entrepreneurial journey, including – What measurable unit of value do you provide that solves an explicit problem that your audience knows they have?

“You can enter into a competitive market, and if you have something to say and you’re genuine about it and you can be yourself, it works. Stop trying to be like a guru and putting Rolex pictures online. There’s no outward appearance of Guru-dom”- Aaron Fletcher.

Listen For,

• What to do if you’re late to the Internet Marketing Game

• When (and whether to) to ‘Burn the Ships’

• How Fletcher’s team solves a myriad of small problems for their clients – by solving one big problem

• The evergreen returns of selling based on value and the urgency of your audience to solve THEIR problem

• What Roland and Aaron think about using Scarcity tactics and countdown offers

• Why you shouldn’t offer a Webinar if you’re just starting out, and what you should offer instead

• The one attribute that Roland sees (and Aaron agrees) is the common denominator in every successful person

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