Episode 73: How To Play The Long AND Short Game With A Multi-Threaded Strategy -Takeaways From Travel (Part 3) With Roland Frasier

If you want some immediate strategies for growing your business, Roland Frasier brought home some amazing takeaways from his 32 day trip to Israel, Paris, Amsterdam, and London. “For me, this trip generated millions – in additions to being SO much fun…” Roland Frasier reflects on what went so well.

In Part 1 and 2 (You can catch up by listening to episode 69 and 71), Roland talked about

Takeaway 1 – International Expansion
Takeaway 2 – Developing a Fear Management Program
Takeaway 3 – Facilitating Serendipity

In THIS episode, Roland talks through his recent experience to demonstrate how to,

Takeaway 4 – Multi-Thread Everything

• Approach all deals, relationships, and transactions with a multi-threaded strategy
• Layout five different objectives before you start anything
• Always have multiple long-term and short-term monetization strategies before proceeding
• Have short term plays to enable your long term strategies to mature. If the long term objectives don’t work out, all is not lost.

“This is so important and so often overlooked by companies. Because they’re trying to grab the money right now, but it’s not always the best time, sometimes it’s good to invest in a relationship and to date a bit before you get into marriage.”

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