Episode 74: How To Find Your Flow and Get Out Of Your Dip with The Founders Of Project Evo, Arman Assadi and Chad Mureta

“Burnout Intervention”

Project Evo helps entrepreneurs and creatives find their flow by helping people uncover who they are, and what they do best with both a digital and physical product. They broke records with a 7 figure crowdfunding campaign and the founders, Chad and Arman sit with Roland today to share the story.

“Burnout is happening at an epidemic rate and it’s literally been diagnosed now as a disease. So we asked, what can we do to identify a state of being where you feel absolutely fantastic? Where time warps and you feel a sense of effortlessness and ease…and you have a sense of certainty that you are absolutely doing what you’re meant to be doing…”

Listen For,

  • Why meaning and purpose are essential and how Evo project helps unlock just that
  • How what was originally just an idea for a book became both a digital product and a physical product with additional revenue models.
  • Their takeaways on setting things up in China and the manufacturing element of their business.
  • Why they chose to go the crowd-funding route and the multi-faceted advantages of doing that.
  • What they’ve learned from the challenges of offering a physical product compared to digital.
  • How to disagree and move forward (Their partnership tips).
  • How the ultimate ‘Solopreneur’ shifted toward building an organization.
  • What they would do differently (even though it’s been a success story).

“It’s never too late. Never let go of the fact that knowing who you are is the most important step in the process and that journey never ends. Combine constant self-awareness with direction and meaning, a North Star, and anything is possible. A fulfilling life is within reach”.

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