Episode 78: The Upsides, Logistics and Impact of Operating Over The Border, with Chris Martinez

Creating Jobs & Changing the Narrative About Mexico

Chris Martinez is an American entrepreneur and the CEO and Co-Founder of DUDE (Digital Updates Done by Experts). His professional resume spans a wide range of work environments from Fortune 500 companies to small startups, but he was always an entrepreneur at heart. Dude helps digital agencies scale by offering them unlimited design and development services with about 30 employees operating out of Tijuana, Mexico.

Listen For

  • The huge financial upsides of moving and operating in Mexico and the biggest challenges they’ve overcome.
  • Why he built a team in Mexico as opposed to the Philippines.
  • The Attorneys, contacts and key players he needed to help him get established in Tijuana (“TJ”).
  • The 2018 conference that ‘sparked’ everything (Can you guess?).
  • His biggest hiring mistakes and why he’s paused hiring and what he’s focusing on now.
  • The one time he bribed a cop!
  • What Chris would do differently (in business and personally) in setting up a business in Mexico.
  • His hiring process and the specific steps they’ve found to reap great employees for DUDE.
  • What drives and inspires Chris to succeed where he’s at.

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