Episode 96: How To Design A Thief-Proof, Customer-Obsessed, Unstoppable Online program, with Marisa Murgatroyd

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Power Up Your Online Course

If you have a program or you’re developing one, this is a MUST-LISTEN episode with plenty of takeaways you can implement right away to impact your customer experience AND your bottom line.

Marisa Murgatroyd turns everyday entrepreneurs into online superheroes! – So that they can change the world from their living room. She has an extensive track record of building incredible personal brands that help coaches and entrepreneurs to stand out, become visible and attract a passionate tribe. For the past five years she’s been providing branding solutions to 6, 7 and even 8 figure entrepreneurs while building her personal online company, Live Your Message from zero to 1.5 million.

Her company focuses on entrepreneurs with online courses. Roland Frasier sits with Marisa in this episode as they get inside her business and break down the critical factors to put into programs and the elements you must avoid!

“The dirty secret of the (200-billion dollar) traditional online program industry, is that 97% of people who buy these courses don’t finish the programs or get the results.” – Marisa Murgatroyd

Did you know that people will pay 13-18% more for better customer experience? That 56-80% of people will leave a brand they love based on one bad experience? Listen in today if you want your program to make more sales, you want to eliminate refunds, boost completion rates and get pages of success stories for your product. Maria has also set up a link for our listeners here if you want to find out more and dig deeper.

Listen Today for

  • How this entire customer experience approach “Soup to Nuts” will have customers completely hooked and sharing with their friends.
  • How refund rates plummet and cash in the bank increases.
  • How to wrap your courses and programs with service that can’t be stolen and ‘ripped off’.
  • The Ten Factors to put into your programs to escalate customer experience.
  • The Ten opposite Experiences to AVOID in your programs and services.
  • How critical it is to define the goal and picture the mission and future self for the customer in your program.
  • Her ‘Mission Possible’ Template that’s working wonders for her clients and the ‘Experience product’ they’ve patented that’s getting 30-90% (as opposed to 3%) of people 30-90% across their finish line.
  • How all content must be applied content, never content for the sake of content. Everything your customer learns must have an immediate application and move them closer to their finish line.
  • How to avoid the ‘Downward Death Spiral’ (where people get stuck, they get frustrated and walk away) by narrowing down your end result/course focus.
  • The Birds Eye View element that counteracts a ‘headlights in the fog’ feeling and builds trust with people.
  • How to create unstoppable momentum in your program by challenging people just enough (4% rather than 40%) at the right time and in the right flow, so that people don’t get bored, overwhelmed, and frustrated.
  • The inspiration she drew from Pokemon.
  • The biggest challenge that she sees again and again in product creators, ‘the cognitive bias of being an expert’ – and how it doesn’t serve the consumer/customer.
  • How she addresses that biggest challenge and provides a solution.

“People can not win the game if they don’t know what winning looks like”– Marisa Murgatroyd.


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