Episode 97: How To Use Inversion Thinking To Build A Super Effective Viral Campaign, With Roland Frasier

A Five-Step Inversion Ad Strategy

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Would you like 1.5 million App downloads? How about 3.5 Billion earned media impressions?

In this short and smart episode Roland Frasier explains Inversion Thinking and breaks down a Burger King campaign that first failed, but ultimately resulted in massive success, a 37 to 1 return on dollars spent on advertising.

What is Inversion Thinking? Inverse thinking helps you identify what you don’t want to happen so that you will know what things not to do that will lead to that unwanted result.

“Tell me where I’m going to die so I can be sure not to go there” Charlie Munger

If you know 1) What you don’t want and 2) The steps that will lead you to that thing you don’t want, then you know what NOT to do to avoid that thing you don’t want.

But sometimes Inversion thinking can help you create a brilliant campaign. With a little creativity, a fun scrappy approach, and these five steps, you’ll be on your way:

Listen For Roland’s Five-Step Plan To Build Your Own Inversion Ad Strategy

1) Apply Inversion Thinking – Ask ‘What do I NOT want my prospective customers to do?‘ – and then turn that undesired activity on its head and figure out how it could benefit your business.

2) Incorporate Data Collecting Tech – blend in favored or trending tech (in our case study it was geofencing but it could be as simple as Instagram) to facilitate that action you DO want your customers to take.

3) Engage your prospects further by ‘baking in’ Surprise and Delight.

4) Give them a story to tell!

5) Use data-based performance measurements (in this case it was app downloads and digital coupons) to monitor your campaign.


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