Episode 98: Real Estate, Recession Resilience, and Their Rocket Fuel for Success, with Jason Williford and Tracy Cousineau

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Today Roland digs into conversation with Jason Williford and Tracy Cousineau – founders of one of the fastest-growing companies in America, as they position to scale nationwide. Real Estate Expert Advisors hit the Inc 500 in 2016 and it continues to grow. They share with us some of the secrets to their success, how they rebounded from the 2008 recession and what they think has made all the difference.

Jason and Tracy were each separately rocking their businesses when 2008 hit them ‘like a ton of bricks’. Of course that wasn’t the end of the story, but instead the beginning of massive success and a much greater purpose than they had before. The company’s proven home selling systems have been mentioned on National TV – due to their innovative processes that NET sellers more money and find buyers the perfect home.

They share with us today the takeaways they learned from the last recession, how they bounced back and now see that experience as a gift. To learn more you can go to their site and they even give their phone numbers at the end of this episode.

“Before the recession, I saw real estate as my paycheck, my job. It paid the bills. But when we lived the recession we lost everything we had of worth, and it made me a different person. We came out better people and we know our why and we LOVE to serve other people” – Tracy Cousineau


Listen Today for

• Their top takeaways to protect and buffer you in the case of another recession

1. Get out of debt (they run a cash company).

2. You’re the Average of the Top 5 people you hang out with, so be smart.

• The top 3 reasons houses don’t sell

1. Missing Criteria

2. Too much fluff in the Copy

3. First Impression of the listing

• The top 3 things that homeowners want

1. They want to Maximize their net

2. They don’t want to be pressured

3. They want to move on the time frame that works for them

PLUS ~ You’ll also hear

  • The pre-eminence moves they’re making with current market ‘threats’, including iBuyers.
  • How they turn negativity around and use it as fuel and motivation to prove people wrong.
  • The tough conversation and breakthrough that pulled them out of the GRIND.
  • How their agents net around $100,000 compared to the national average of $34k.
  • How they handle living together and running a business together.
  • The 5-minute rule that saves their relationship and helps them resolve disputes.
  • How they separate out their ‘boxes’ of responsibility.
  • How their WHY and their passion to serve and help people distinguishes them from the rest.

“With this market shift we’re asking, How can we help these agents continue to live their lifestyle through a recession – so that they’re not where I was with $156 and three kids.” Tracy Cousineau

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References Mentioned In This Episode

What is an iBuyer? “The “i” in iBuyer, therefore, stands for “instant,” although many mistake it to mean “internet. ” According to this agent vs. iBuyer definition on metrobrokers: “If the seller accepts the offer, they will then receive a visit from an inspector provided by the iBuyer to evaluate the condition of the property.


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