Episode 99: Understanding The Six Stages Of The Business Growth Cycle (& When To Exit), With Roland Frasier

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In this 7-minute episode, our host Roland is talking to his Mastermind, and we get to listen in on his money-making insight. Roland lays out his strategies and gives you some powerful tools to use in your business that will make all the difference!

If you’re a founder or CEO of your business, this episode is 100% for you. Do you find yourself so busy running things and getting ‘caught in the weeds’ that you can’t get to the important stuff? It’s essential that you’re stepping back and understanding where your business is at, building strategic partnerships and creating competitive advantages.

Listen For

• Why you need to be in the board room and not the office
• What to say when your team try to bring things to you that you shouldn’t be focusing on
• The Ideal time to sell your business (and why)
• The time to NOT sell

Where Are You In Roland’s Six Stages Of The Business Growth Life-Cycle?

1) Startups (Seed Capital, Structure, IP, Founders)
2) Traction Phase (Look for Product-Market Fit – Build, Measure, Learn, Test)
3) Constraints Phase (Talent! Cash crunch, legal issues, market size, offer fatigue…)
4) Growth Phase (Ideal time to sell! You’ve got past constraints but Private Equity companies can still see ‘blue sky’, knowing they can 5X within 3-5 years)
5) Decline Phase
6) Maturity

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References Mentioned In This Episode
The Road Less Stupid 

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