Episode 163: Equity Deals, Acquisitions and Exit Strategies With Tom Mello and Roland Frasier

Tom Mello started in business while he was bartending and studying to be a dentist. When he realized being a dentist was essentially being an entrepreneur, he dove deep into learning about business. Tom began with nothing in the bank and has built his home service business to over 30 Million. In this conversation, he and Roland talk in-depth about their business philosophies. They also brainstorm how Tom might structure an exit (when the time is right) and how he can be smart about acquiring businesses.

“The biggest challenge for Serial Entrepreneurs is, which money to take? It’s hard to turn away money”. Tom Mello. 

There’s so much to take away and learn in this episode. You get to be a fly on the wall while they hash out Tom’s current challenges.  If you enjoy this podcast, be sure to subscribe on ApplePodcasts, write a review, and share this episode with your business-minded friends.

Listen For Tom’s Recruiting Tactics And His Hiring Philosophy;

“I’d rather have a happy person than an ‘A+ Player’ because, to me, an A+ Player IS a happy person.” Tom Mello

• The work culture he’s built.

• Why he has no problem with Millennials.

“Millennials have a dream, the dream for something better.” Tom Mello

• His performance-based structure that rewards the winners and naturally weans out the low-performing team members.

Plus, Roland and Tom Discuss,

• The first mistake he sees Entrepreneurs make, over and over again.

• How he manages his time.

“I buy my time at a discount… there’s only so much time in the day that I can create focus”. Tom Mello

• Tom’s 3 keys to success: PEOPLE, PROCESSES, and TECHNOLOGY.

• Tom’s passion for Data.

“Let the data do the speaking.” Tom Mello

• The mentors and revelations that helped him break through the million-dollar milestone, and the 5M dollar milestone.

Listen As Roland scratches the surface of what he teaches in his Leverage, Exit, Grow, and Scale Intensive

  • Various Exit Strategies for Tom.
  • Genius Compensation Arrangements and contracts.
  • How to position your business so that you hold the cards.
  • How to reduce the headache (and due diligence necessary) when acquiring businesses.

“You’re only limited by your creativity and how you can motivate the people,” Roland Frasier.

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