Episode 162: How To Survive AND Thrive Through Economic Downturns, With Kevin Harrington

Kevin Harrington has thrived and survived several economic downturns, including the 70s, the ’90s, and the 2008 great recession. He shares some of his personal experiences and the resilience that has enabled him to sell 20 companies to 100M or more. Kevin was one of the original sharks on Shark Tank and still brings a ton of wisdom to the table.

“We had built our business as though it was just going to keep growing, …and all of a sudden, we were at the bottom of the bell, and we didn’t know how long it was going to be.” Kevin Harrington shares his experience and what he learned during the Gulf war.

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Listen Today For, 

  • When to change your business model, restructure, and sell off assets.
  • Kevin breaks down exactly what he did in the ’90s to separate out his liabilities with banks, spot weak product lines immediately, and reduce overheads drastically.
  • What Kevin and his wife did at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis to ‘sure up’ their personal cash flow.

“You get a little lazy when times are good, but there comes a time when you have to tighten your belt.” Kevin Harrington


• The value of communication, transparency, and communication with your investors & shareholders.

• How important it is to look at what you’ve been doing and what you can revisit because ‘different strategies work at different times’. 

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