Episode 119: The Long AND The Short Of It, Part 3, You Can Have It All. With Roland Frasier

This episode is the THIRD in a mini-series from Roland for those of you that feel like you’re on the hamster wheel – or you’re the “dancing bear” in your business and you want to grow beyond that.

Strategies For Maximizing The Short: The Easiest and Fastest Ways To Add $10-15,000 per Month To Your Income

Which receives most of your efforts: Building your income or building your wealth?

“I can’t count how many very land rich or asset-rich friends and acquaintance got into financial trouble because they were TOO focused on the long term and they ran out of the income to support their wealth building… And there’s also the chance that the long game you’re playing might not have a chance to play out. Life might have other plans for you.” Roland Frasier

Today’s episode focuses on how to maximize your income and focus on “the short!” Roland is picking up from episode 117, laying out exactly what he would do (and has done) to create more short term income.

If I had no money and no contacts, this is exactly what I would choose to create a substantial income from scratch”. Roland Frasier

1 Public Speaking – Listen in to Episode 17

2 Product Launch Affiliate Marketing – Listen in to Episode 17

3 Create A Coaching Program: Masterminds

Roland’s Mastermind Playbook

1) Choose an Industry (Business related masterminds are best).

2) Identify an influencer in your chosen industry.

3) Create a program where the group gathers monthly (if local) or quarterly (if national or global) where they share what’s working and what their biggest challenges are, and ask the group for help and connections.

4) Charge $1-100,000 dollars depending on your comfort level and what you believe the group can afford, and what their ROI on the Mastermind will be.

5) Provide an outstanding onboarding experience for new members to deep dive into their needs and challenges, what they will consider ‘a win’, and also what they have to offer the group in terms of special skills or how they add value.

5 Tollgate Deals

Where you provide the bridge from one person who has something of value (the seller) to the host who has an audience who could benefit from the sellers’ products or services. You would provide an introduction and typically get 20-30% of sales from the seller. This is sort of a fancy term for being a broker.

Listen to Roland’s example of this, and the way you can sometimes receive a commission from both ends, resulting in 50% of sales.

Roland Suggests you learn more about this from Bob Serling,

5 Small Events – A Low Risk, High Reward Strategy

• Hear how Roland generated $675k from a small event with 12 attendees!

• How Roland built up his Facebook group using $10 a day boosts, and uses that to funnel into his small events and ultimately his Mastermind.

• How Leverage, Grow, Scale and Exit was born.

Roland’s Formula For Small Events: How to Get Started

Before the Event:

1) Create an audience (if you don’t already have one) OR approach somebody else who has that compatible audience and split the proceeds 50/50.

2) Create a low hassle video about the event, how much it is and what they will take away from it.

3) Build a simple page in Click Funnels (if you don’t want to do this yourself then have someone on Fiver or Dude Agency do it for you).

4) Post (or have your partner with the audience post) the video with a text summary across Social and on your podcast if you have one.

5) Every comment on social posts must be followed up and responded to!

6) Build your amazing content presentations for the event, allow for breaks and don’t let your sessions go over 90-minute sessions!

7) Rent a nice board room at a nice quality hotel.

8) Arrange for Audio Visual – you don’t need mics but make sure to have a screen and projector.

9) Make a crude hand drawing of the board room table layout – so that you can mark people’s names and make notes. Ask people to say their names and share what they do and why they’re there.

At The Small Event:

10) Be sure to ask questions and involve everyone! Tip: Roland puts a checkmark by every name each time he asks them a question. He tries to have 3 checks on each name by the end.

11) Have lunch with them! At least on the first day.

12) On the second morning, find out what everybody ‘took away from’ the first day.

13) Before you make your “upsell offer” and before lunch, make sure to present your most amazing, most helpful, most impactful content.

14) After the big breakthrough, offer the ‘extra thing’, whether it’s a mastermind or another event or a coaching program.

15) Let them have lunch on their own on the second day. This allows them to say “Hey that was cool when they had lunch with us”.

16) After lunch, go around the room and ask everyone if they have any questions about your upsell offer. Be sure to congratulate people who are signing up in order to affirm that social proof and encourage others to jump in.

17) Deliver some more content for about 90 minutes. It can be you or you can bring in a guest that affirms your credibility.

19) Have a reception with drinks. You can have a cash bar or you can provide some drinks and get an area in the bar for everyone to hang out.

20) Use the reception to connect one on one with each attendee, and close the sale of your next step offer!

“I still use these five strategies. Of course, there are other great ways to up your short game to create income, but the ones that I’ve talked about here are 5 of the best! Fastest, easiest, lowest hassle”. Roland Frasier

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