How to Airbnb Someone Else’s House And Create Immediate Cash Flow On An Asset You Don’t Own, with Brian Page


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Brian Page is an Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Creator of the BNB Formula. He teaches his students how to work less and have more, by helping them build an AirBnB business from scratch and scale it to six or seven figures a year – without owning property!

In 2008 Brian lost all of his real estate property. In a hustle to start over and create cash flow, he realized he could control property with leases instead of ownership. He listed his guest bedroom on a “home-sharing” site and immediately started making money. But he knew there had to be more to this side gig. He dived into a strategy that has brought him (and his students) a huge success, and could help YOU gain financial freedom (and a shorter work week)!

Listen in to benefit from Brians experience and all of his tried and tested shortcuts. This episode will not only help you think bigger, but Brian and Roland get into the logistics so that you can duplicate what he’s doing in an industry that’s going global. If you want to learn more in-depth from Brian, visit his site here

“It’s fair to assume that you can have 100% occupancy on weekend nights, in every market. But regardless, if you make $1000 a month net on one little one-bedroom unit, that’s four times more than a typical real estate investors are making on the same”. – Brian Page

Listen For

  • How Brian made a ‘come back’ after losing all of his real estate investments in 2008.
  • How to make a decision on a property based on Brians “Rule of 8”.
  • Whether to look for furnished properties or not and why.
  • Whether you really need to hire a professional real estate photographer.
  • What you can learn and borrow from the Hotel Industry.
  • A great on-the-fly idea/proposal that Roland throws out there for Brian.
  • How (and when) to co-host with the owner with a month to month agreement for a win-win scenario.
  • How to get started with this method without dealing with credit, without upfront costs and without taking on risk.
  • How to word your property description with honesty so that guests won’t have a problem if your beautiful property is in a bad neighborhood.
  • Additional Profit Centers to consider and look for around this opportunity.
  • When VRBO might be better than Air BnB.
  • Resources and tools that make it possible to scale (see below).
  • What to look for in a cleaning company.
  • When to Hire a Virtual Assistant and how they can help you

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