Episode 83: Can You Truly Accomplish Almost Anything? Commonly Held Beliefs About Possibility (Part 1), with Roland Frasier


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Can you accomplish your 10-year goals in 6 months?

If you’ve ever felt like what you want to do might be impossible, or that it will take too long, or that “no-one has done it before so it’s probably a pipe dream”… this podcast series is for you.

Today, our host Roland Frasier joins us with some big questions and historical evidence that will inspire you to expand your possibilities and BELIEVE! Roland is known to be ‘The smartest guy in the room’ and this episode gives us a window into his mindset. One that will help you achieve so much more than you thought you could!

Can you truly accomplish almost anything? In business, can you do as billionaire Peter Theil suggests and achieve your 10-year goals in 6 months? Is the possible only limited by your mindset, or are there possibilities that elude you which are simply beyond your reach? Throughout history, we have seen the limits of the possible expanded again and again.

“If these amazing formerly assumed impossible things can be invented and these formerly thought unachievable human feats can be done, then surely you can hit your 10-year business goals in 6 months, or accomplish in 1 year what most would take 3 or 5 years to accomplish.” Roland Frasier

But How? Listen For

• First, you must sincerely believe that what you want to do is actually possible.

• If you cannot even conceive and believe that the thing you want to achieve is possible, then your amazingly powerful brain will find a way to support you in that belief.

• The truth is that there are very few things that are truly impossible.

To help us examine the issues, listen as Roland discusses the first of five categories of commonly held beliefs about Possibility:

  1. Legally mandated impossibilities.


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