Episode 2: Influence and Persuasion with Dr. Robert Cialdini

Everyone, particularly those working in sales, has struggled with persuasion in one way or another. But Dr. Robert Cialdini has become the leading expert on just that—influence and persuasion—and he joins Roland to talk about how anyone can use these concepts in their business.

Dr. Cialdini explains 2 strategies to get a prospect to buy into what you’re selling, which messaging technique works best for your customer relationship, and how to use unity to create stronger partnerships with customers.



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  • The 2 major routes of persuasion: your message and what you say the moment before you say the message
  • The influence levels of a relationship and what marketing technique to use according to that level (reciprocity, social proof and authority, and scarcity)
  • The seventh principle of influence and how to use it to develop a partnership with customers
  • Why you should always ask for a customer’s advice instead of their opinion


Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini
Influence at Work
Robert Cialdini on LinkedIn

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