Episode 1: An Entrepreneurs Tale with JJ Virgin

Scaling Up.

Celebrity nutritionist and successful entrepreneur JJ Virgin says that if people aren’t chasing you out of the door after your speech, you don’t have a good product. But even a great product can struggle with growing as a business.

Roland sits down with JJ to talk about how she overcame many obstacles to build her multimillion-dollar nutrition empire. She talks about her start in network marketing and how she leveraged her knowledge to land gigs on Dr. Phil and Oprah. JJ explains how she’s been able to scale her business and her brand to become a world-wide nutritionist and mentor to health professionals around the world.



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  • How starting a gym helped JJ create a scalable business model
  • JJ’s strategy to “whale hunt” and find the biggest doctor’s in the country to buy her products
  • Why not putting a lead capture form on her website for three years was a huge mistake
  • How books can be a lead generation tool instead of a commoditization strategy
  • The template of a successful product or course: figure out your niche, create a framework that gets customers 80% of the way (and have somebody else get them the last 20%), then figure out what’s unique about your framework


JJ’s Website
Mindshare Collaborative
JJ’s Books on Amazon

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