Episode 152, How To Reach Your Dream Customer And Top Traffic Secrets From The King of Funnels, Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson is the Co-founder of ClickFunnels which helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs get their message out into the marketplace. He’s built a huge Entrepreneurial following and has written several books, including a new release, ‘Traffic Secrets.’ 

Listen today if you’re looking at alternative ways to get traffic to your business (other than Facebook)! To dig in further with Russell, you can get his NEW book here.

Listen Today For,

  • The importance of really getting a deep understanding of who your dream customer is and where they are ‘congregating.’
  • How Russell shifted the classic ‘Dream 100’ approach to a strategy that had a more exponential impact. 
  • His ‘Hook, Story, Offer’ Framework that you need to weave into every step of your sales funnels. 
  • A clue that can fix any funnel that isn’t performing.

“The goal of the story is to increase the perceived value of the thing we’re going to offer them next.” Russell Brunson.


• How Russel ‘digs for hidden treasure’ and his favorite tools for reverse engineering Ad campaigns.

• The way to reach out to Influencers and build a relationship with them for future marketing partnerships. 

• Russells take on what’s best – organic or paid traffic?

“I love paid as opposed to organic because you can see instant results…but organic (as a long term plan) is the best kind of traffic because it’s free”. Russell Brunson.

• What Russell is working on now and what challenges he’s taking on.

• The affiliate link ‘afterthought’ that now brings in over a million dollars a month. 

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