Episode 151: How To Turn Your Knowledge Into Profit & Make Irresistible Offers With Lisa Sasevich.

We’re taking a break from the Coronavirus conversation today, to bring you this empowering episode from Lisa Sasevich. She’s the Founder and CEO of The Invisible Close™, an Inc. 500 company that has helped 15,000 students in more than 134 countries. Roland and Lisa talk about her story, her success, and her passion. 

Anything ‘Here I am I’m mission-driven, and oh no! I have to sell’ – Those are my people”. Lisa Sasevich

If you’re an entrepreneur that ‘hates the sales part,’ listen today to the queen of leveraging your talents, products, and services into massive profits (without sounding ‘salesy’). Lisa shares about her Speak to Sell strategy, her Meant For More brand, as well as many other GREAT takeaways. To dig in further with Lisa, click here.

You don’t have to take the cards that you are dealt. You can create your life…. Lisa Sasevich

Listen Today For,

• How she broke through the limits of one-on-one coaching and went from 80K in sales to 2.2 Million.

• Her ‘Signature talk’ that has done about 40M in sales, and how she finds strategic speaking opportunities. 

• The ‘value bomb’ that saves her an immense amount of time so that she can give herself to her family.

“Don’t change your act. Change your audience”. Lisa Sasevich.

• The smart one-liner that you HAVE to have in the first 10 minutes of your talk, to position your offer and keep trust with your audience.

• How (and why you need) to justify the limits you put on your offer and ensure that it’s authentic.

• How you make an intangible service feel tangible.

• The subtle shift that took Lisa from a ‘Business Nirvana’ to adrenal fatigue (and what she did about it).

“If I’m teaching ‘Invite pursuit,’ but I’m out there doing backflips pursuing, then something’s off, and people can feel it. We’ve become incongruent”. Lisa Sasevich

How To Discover Your Unique Value and ‘Pick Your Own Brain.’

  1. Look for the clues
  2. Take the time to learn how to articulate and bring order to the value that you discover.
  3. What’s easy for you and not easy for others.

Making peace with sales has to happen. It’s chapter 1”. Lisa Sasevich.

Keys To An Irresistible Offer

  • Invite Pursuit
  • Put a ‘limiter’ in place. When you forget to put a limiter in place, it puts you in pursuit, instead of inviting pursuit.
  • Add high-value bonuses to your customer that cost you very little to deliver.

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“Any time you catch yourself saying one thing and doing another. It’s probably time to take a pause”. Lisa Sasevich.


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