Episode 143: *Special Episode* Adaptability & How To Swiftly Pivot During Chaotic Times, with Joe Polish, Roland Frasier and Dean Jackson

We have a timely special episode for you today, a ‘simulcast’ bonus edition thanks to Joe Polish and team. Roland Frasier sat with Joe and Dean Jackson to talk about adaptability and the moment we all are finding ourselves in with this global pandemic. If you want to learn how smart business owners and live event hosts are moving decisively to support their clients, preserve their team, and protect their bottom line, you need to listen in. 

Everything is changing so quickly, so for the record, this conversation happened on March 15th, 2020.


“Entrepreneurial solutions are what’s going to help the economy and crisis.” – Joe Polish

Listen For,

• How they’re already making shifts within their own businesses to prepare for what’s to come.

• How Roland handled the postponement of Traffic and Conversion Summit and the three critical questions he asked himself first.

• How to think strategically and rationally about your business in times of “turnaround” to maximize efficiency and strengthen your business.

• The MINDSET that will get us out of an economic crisis. 

• Why cash flow, operations, and marketing shifts need to be assessed ASAP.

• What Joe communicated in his latest TEAM HUDDLE in response to the times. 

• How to deliver the deliverable no matter what.

• How your product determines your behavior, whether it’s Essentials, indulgences, or ‘deferrables.’ 

• How to WIN with calm and focused intention. 

• A lesson from a boxer about getting punched in the face.

“Context is more important than content right now.” – Joe Polish

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