Episode 142: How To Build Trust, Loyalty, and An Audience On Any Platform, with Yifat Cohen.

Roland talks in this episode with Engagement maven, international speaker, and influencer/marketer, Yifat Cohen. She talks in this episode about how she is ‘anti-social media,’ insisting that impressions, likes, and shares don’t pay rent. “But conversions, shares, and interactions that move people to fall in love with your business do.” So if you’re curious about her strategies and how she’s getting 73% conversion rates, this episode is for you. 

Yifat specializes in community building, ‘gamifying’ live engagements, and cultivating brand evangelists. To dig in further with Yifat, visit her website or her company Viral Connectivity site here.

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“Since the beginning of the Internet, we are broadcasting… but there’s no connection happening between people… when people start doing social media they look at content and create all this stuff. But if you don’t have an audience or only a small audience, then who’s watching”. Yifat Cohen

Listen For

  • Why the classic internet marketing model is falling short and leaving people feeling worse about themselves.
  • Why face to face, real-time engagement is the answer. 
  • How to go LIVE across different platforms simultaneously. 
  • How to leverage someone else’s audience, to build your own assets (not someone else’s platform). 
  • The software and platforms Cohan uses.
  • How to create content for a whole month from one conversation.
  • How she ‘grabs’ people from other platforms and gets them to her streaming site.

“Nobody believes what’s happening online anymore. Right? That’s why we need 32 touch-points to make a small sale. But to make big sales, and make trust and loyalty, you need to have face to face interactions.” Yifat Cohen

Yifat’s Four Steps if you’re starting out with no audience:

  1. Don’t worry about the content.
  2. Search for your topics and hashtags, find out who’s talking about your topic, and go there.
  3. Spend 2-4 weeks engaging there, answering questions and solving people’s problems.
  4. From there you will attract people to your profiles.

Plus, her top advice:

  1. Don’t ‘build your home on rented properties’.
  2. Own your audience.
  3. Connections and relationships last, they move and can go where you go.

“Information is not the problem. People are still sick, still broke, still depressed. So what’s missing? What’s missing is… relationship.” Yifat Cohen.

Tools & Resources Discussed In This Episode

For streaming, combine https://streamyard.com/ and https://restream.io/

Check out Yifat’s show, here

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