Episode 141: Are You ‘Sizing The Rounder?’ With Roland Frasier 

Why You Need To Stop Doing Comfort Work.

In this short episode, Roland unpacks a timeless leadership principle. If you’re a founder, CEO, entrepreneur, or manager, you definitely need to listen in for ways to eliminate work that doesn’t get you to where you want to go!

If you’ve been listening for any length of time, you’ll understand that Roland Frasier knows what he’s talking about and is speaking from a depth of experience and research. Read more about our host Roland here and to dig in further, sign up on our home page for exclusive content from Roland to your inbox. If you’re enjoying the podcast, make sure you’re subscribed and consider leaving us a review on Apple Podcasts.

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“The greatest growth comes from when we are operating OUTSIDE our comfort zone. That’s when the most significant change occurs, and usually, it is anything BUT comfortable!” Roland Frasier

Listen Today For,

  • Roland’s story that illustrates this timeless leadership principle.
  • Why the most meaningful activities in your business are NOT comfortable to do. They don’t have a definite stopping point or feel good; they’re never truly ‘completed.’ 
  • What to do when you find yourself ‘Sizing the Rounder.’
  • Why comfort work is so seductive.
  • Why comfort work won’t get you where you want/need to go.
  • The Tasks you should be focusing on instead, for example,

1) Setting strategy for your business

2) Creating and improving your customer experience, 

3) Adjusting your product or service line to take advantage of industry trends and better serve your customers

4) Usually, things that don’t have any stopping point because they are processes, not tasks.

I see the top people in our businesses doing “comfort work” all the time. One of our CFOs is balancing the checkbook; instead of creating the business models and complex budgets that we need to run the business better, predict revenue, and allocate capital and resources. A sales manager is reorganizing the files on her computer, instead of reviewing the recorded call logs from the most successful and least successful rep calls over the past week to determine what’s working and not working, so that she can adjust and improve our sales scripts. And, I even see it in a business partner, who feels good because she just built the landing pages for a new offer that we are launching in one of our business units, instead of taking the time to expand our build team capacity to meet the increased demands of our expanding business.

Oh, and just in case you think that yours truly is immune to this kind of thing, let me tell you that I most definitely am not.” Roland Frasier.

Also, Listen For

  • The danger of believing that you are indispensable to your business.
  • Why you DON’T want to be indispensable to your business.

“EVERYTHING can be delegated. Don’t forget that you are C-suite management now. You’re a founder, owner, CEO, and the one thing that you should definitely NOT be doing is…Sizing the rounder.” Roland Frasier

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 “The challenge with comfort work is that it’s, well…comforting. It’s seductive because it’s easy and it feels good. It feels great. But you are accomplishing nothing.” Roland Frasier

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