Episode 343: Improving Your Company’s Digital Presence, Part 2

Yes, new privacy laws are making it harder to target in your digital marketing, but a shift in focus will keep you ahead of the game. 

On today’s episode, host Roland Frasier concludes a two-part series where he answers some FAQs about leveraging online marketing to grow your business. Targeting your ideal audience is definitely a challenge right now, but there are a lot of smart people figuring it out and sharing what they’ve learned. How effectively we can target moving forward is still anyone’s guess, but we do know we need to shift our thinking to well-crafted messaging and collecting first-party data. Roland shares some things that have been working lately in several of his companies (one of which is DigitalMarketer) that you can use in your business as well.

Listen in for some hacks, shortcuts, and solid practical advice for navigating the digital marketing space going forward.


  • How to use first party data to retarget potential customers on third party platforms 
  • Tips for keeping customers in your fold and sending them offers that matter  
  • 2 hacks to boost your SEO ranking faster
  • Why you should consider acquiring a ranked website (and why it’s easier than you think) 



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