Episode 221: Insights From A Conversion Rate Fanatic, Justin Christianson.

Justin Christianson is a serial entrepreneur, a digital marketing veteran, Father, Husband, and #1 Bestselling author of Conversion Fanatic: How to double your customers, sales, and profits with A/B testing. He is also the co-founder and President of Conversion Fanatics, a full-service conversion rate optimization company, helping companies improve their results (Including Burt’s Bees, Dr. Axe, Clorox, and the NBA store).

Justin talks with Roland Frasier on today’s episode. Listen to hear how he manages the logistics of a Retainer style consulting agency, and he shares three counter-intuitive insights that will help your conversion rate.

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What To Do First To Help Your Conversion Rate.

Generally what I tell people is just try to remove any level of friction in that process. That’s all I do in terms of optimization. I want to say that we’ve got some crazy framework and some magic sauce, but it’s really just, we test and ask the right questions. What can I add, remove, change, rearrange to alleviate friction from point a to point B?” Justin Christianson.

Plus, 3 Counter-Intuitive Insights.

  1. You can do too many tests. “I’m like, how about we run five really effective tests and learn something, instead of that hundred. Over testing can skew your data a lot and lead you to false positives”. Justin Christianson.
  2. The Conversion Rate is not your sole metric. “A lot of companies come to us and just say, I need to raise my conversion rate, and they think it’s going to infinitely go up from one to two to three to four to five, and it just doesn’t work that way.” Justin Christianson
  3. You can’t get a statistically sound result in just a couple of days. “We’ve seen it swing wildly after, you know, four or five days. So I try to get at least a full calendar week in on a test and at least a calendar weekend in there”. Justin Christianson

Plus, Roland and Justin Discuss,

    • A danger that lies in over-automating (and how he prevents this problem).
    • How he sets up his Retainer arrangement with clients (and prevents them from taking advantage of a flat fee). 
    • How he decides when to increase prices.

“People that pay the least generally value the work the least. Those that pay the most are generally the easiest to work with. Right? So yeah, we kind of try to find that happy medium, and we’ve really gotten good about whom we work with, and saying no to the wrong people.” Justin Christianson.

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