Episode 132: Jeff Hays on His Docuseries Success, & The Dangers Of The Entrepreneurial Mind

Ex-Investment Banker and film-maker Jeff Hays makes movies that make movements. But what Roland and Jeff discuss today is his highly profitable Docu-series. Roland digs into this unique business model and the under-girding paradox.

“It’s all built on the paradox: The more we give away, the more money we make.” Jeff Hays

Jeff is a unique human being with a fascinating entrepreneurial journey. There’s a massive amount of insight in this conversation if you’re an entrepreneur on your upswing or maybe on the other side of a tough ‘failure.’ To dig deeper with our guest, head over to his website.

“I’m no longer betting the farm on my gut instinct…My only value is my failures. My successes, I haven’t learned that much from. I just want them to continue! – Jeff Hays

Listen Today For,

  • Jeff’s first entrepreneurial lesson at the ripe age of 8 years old (he learned the difference between Gross and Net. 
  • Jeffs’ advice if you’re considering doing a Documentary or DocuSeries and when/why it’s probably NOT a good idea.
  • The critical piece of the puzzle: The email list.
  • His definition of wealth.
  • The reason it’s SO critical to own your distribution.
  • How Jeff ‘kept his boat floating’ amid a series of fairly public and devastating disasters.
  • His single most important piece of advice.
  • And so much more!

Plus, Roland Asks Jeff,

  • What is a viewer worth?
  • What percentage of viewers buy?
  • How did you keep your motivation after ‘spectacular failure’?

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Jeff Hays Website

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