Episode 272, How To Make Your Referral Rate Go Through The Roof, with Todd Herman

Todd Herman is known as the High-Performance coach behind The Alter Ego Effect and Creator of The 90 Day Year. Today we’re re-sharing a snack-size episode that’s been helping people ever since we first aired it in 2019! We went behind the scenes with Herman, Tucker Max, and Roland Frasier to talk about a very specific way to get quality referrals from the clients and contacts that love what you do.

Todd Herman describes this simple technique that re-frames your referrals so that your business will gain ideal new clients. You will hear these three entrepreneurs talk about the power of this in business.

The Key To Referrals 1. Think about situational or circumstantial events that create the opportunity to make a natural introduction. “You’re planing a mental grenade in people’s heads because you’ve given them a situation. When they find themselves in that situation, it’s like the pin gets pulled, and they think of you”. Todd Herman. 2. Tell them what you want them to do once that situation happens. Tucker Max shares a great example to bring this to life.

If this (short) episode leaves you wanting more, we have a full-length episode with Todd in the archives. You’ll find that here.

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