Episode 116: Rachel Pedersen On Social Media Strategies, Getting Attention & Withstanding The Pressure.

Attention: How To Get It, Sustain It, Monetize It and Respect It.

What a great conversation today between Roland Frasier and CEO / Entrepreneur / Social Media expert Rachel Pedersen.  This Minnesota mother of three runs two successful businesses. She knows how to get peoples’ attention, and will always find a way to connect with whoever she wants to connect with. Known as the ‘Queen of Social Media’, she empowers businesses with social media strategies that support MASSIVE, needle-moving growth…

In this episode, Roland and Rachel discuss partnerships, pressure and her “favorite lessons” learned. To dig in further with Rachel, you can visit her website here.

“One of my skills is getting people’s attention. It always has been. I think attention is so important. Not just getting attention, but learning how to sustain it, monetize it, and respect it”. Rachel Pedersen

Listen Today For

  • Her “favorite lessons” from her entrepreneurial journey so far
  • How she reaches out to people strategically and gets their attention using multiple touchpoints
  • Her first entrepreneurial failure that led to her decision to figure it out and a big realization.
  • The mindset that she now recognizes has led to all her biggest mistakes and failures.
  • The process of building her clientele and the moment she knew she could quit her 9 to 5 job.
  • How she defines a ‘strategic alliance’ as opposed to a partnership and why she’s slow to partner.
  • How she finds strategic alliances and what she looks for.
  • The strategy she employs when negotiating with strategic partners and how she figures out dividing revenue.
  • Why early 2019 was her hardest time in business when a partnership went awry.
  • How she withstands the pressure of having a personal brand
  • The social media platforms she’s doubling down on.
  • Her biggest end of year tip:

“So many people are broadcasting. They’re not conversing. There’s something so powerful about replying to a comment and engaging”. Rachel Pedersen.

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Never Split The Difference Book

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