Episode 117: The Long AND The Short Of It, Part 2, How To Have It All. With Roland Frasier

Strategies For Maximizing The Short: The Easiest and Fastest Ways To Add $10-15,000 To Your Income.

Do you feel like you can’t get off the Hamster wheel? Are you the “Dancing Bear” in your business (or life)? This episode is the SECOND in a new mini-series from Roland that we are very excited to share with you. 

Which receives most of your efforts: Building your income or building your wealth? Today’s episode (and next weeks) focuses on how to maximize your income and focus on “the short!”

“If I had no money and no contacts, this is exactly what I would choose to create a substantial income from scratch”. Roland Frasier

1 Public Speaking – Whether you’re keynoting for cash or selling something from the stage.

2 Product Launch Affiliate Marketing – The second safest, fastest, low-cost way to increase income is, which he hones in on today.

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Listen Today For Roland’s Affiliate Marketing Playbook

  • How to do this in a much easier way that most people try
  • How Roland made $14k on his first attempt doing this and took home $840k in 6 days on one campaign
  • Listen for why he wouldn’t make a business out of this!
  • Roland’s recommendations for learning more and who to follow.

15 Steps To Product Launch Affiliate Marketing Success

1 Get in early and sign up as soon as you hear about the launch.

2 Purchase domain names that match the product names as closely as possible.

3 Purchase domain names followed by the name BONUS and the same with the word BUY in front of the product name.

4 Also buy domain names that have the product name with the numbers 2, 3 or 4 after it.

5 Create multiple simple sites on different server companies with the different domain names that you’ve bought, and with different email addresses, accounts, admin names, and different credit cards and physical addresses. You’re effectively creating your own private blog network, to get SEO juice.

6 Create several different long-form articles for each of those sites and get links from as many high-value sources as possible. Yes, this still works.

7 Create an amazing bonus package to offer everybody who purchases through your affiliate link.

8 If the product price and commissions permit (as long as the margin exceeds the cost of the thing you’re giving away),  consider adding a physical product that is in high demand currently to your bonus package. Try to find something everybody wants but they can’t justify buying for themself!

9 If you can’t include a physical product bonus, consider offering a pre-paid digital product that will help them.

10 Approach people that own lists of potential buyers for the product, where the owners of the lists are not planning on participating in the affiliate launch. Where you handle all the work, but you split the commissions, 50/50.

11 Set up a phone number to put up on every email, ad, and communication. It really makes a difference that people can talk to you.

12 Build an on-demand webinar to send prospective buyers to.

13 Create 30-50 (few minutes) YouTube videos and show yourself using the product and doing a product walkthrough. Plus, if you follow YouTube optimization strategies you can OWN this.

14 Monitor feedback from customers and visit offers from the top 20 leader board – offer anything they’re offering and upgrade it! So your bonus is the obvious choice.

15 Get into as many groups as you can, tell all your friends, buy FB ads, google display ads, retargeting ads…Be omnipresent!

Most importantly, pick something that has a high dollar amount! If you do most or all of these steps for a HOT product launch, it will be very difficult for you to not sell 1-5 products. The more you do this the better you’ll do, and you can see how you could add some great Short term income to your books.

“I can’t count how many very land rich or asset-rich friends and acquaintance got into financial trouble because they were TOO focused on the long term and they ran out of the income to support their wealth building… And there’s also the chance that the long game you’re playing might not have a chance to play out. Life might have other plans for you.” Roland Frasier

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