Episode 128, Rachel Tipograph On E-Commerce, Bold Moves And The Genesis Of A Big Idea.

Roland Frasier sits down in this episode with Rachel Tipograph, CEO and founder of MikMak, the e-commerce platform for highly distributed brands in this social video generation. Her clients include Bose, Campbell’s, Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, Levi’s, Mattel, Nestle, T-Mobile, Under Armour, and more. Brands license MikMak to shorten the path to owning the shopper by capturing and converting third party e-retail data, and they also produce and optimize videos that get shoppers to hit add-to-cart.

Rachel considered herself amongst the “digerati” since the moment she became an eBay power user at age 13. Forbes listed Rachel as one of its “30 under 30 Who Are Changing The World”, Fast Company named her one of “The Most Creative People in Business”, Entrepreneur named her one of the “50 Most Daring Entrepreneurs.”

All that to say we are excited to share this conversation with you. If you’re an entrepreneur writing your own road map you will benefit from Rachel’s story and the progression from eBay to NYU to several businesses and her current success. Her clarity on solving pain points for companies combined with her ahead-of-the-pack thinking will inspire you in your own strategy. To dig in further, sign up on our home page for exclusive content from Roland to your inbox.

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“My thesis in marketing is to change people’s perceptions or behavior, you have to change the environment”.  Rachel Tipograph

Listen Today For

  • Her first entrepreneurial move when she sold her Bat mitzvah gifts on eBay at age 13 (and her parents’ response).
  • Her serendipitous physical collision with the man who would become ‘Frank’ on 30 Rock.
  • Her time at NYU when her curiosity, confidence, and understanding of the internet led to her second company and huge opportunities.
  • How she spends most of her time now and what she’s investing in.
  • Her Thesis in Marketing.


      • The wonderful evolution that came from her bold move.

      • Her thoughts on why she was chosen to ‘reverse mentor’ Time Warner executives.

  • How Rachel lowered the average age of Gap’s average customer.
  • The thought process that led her to quit her successful job where she was making waves to start out on her own.
  • What led to her essential pivot and major restructuring.
  • How she is managing massive growth and building her team, including her strategy on recruiting amazing people.

“If you believe in yourself, then there’s no risk”. Rachel Tipograph


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